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BROC ON has had the pleasure of working with Alan and Jim from Merchant 138 for close to 12 months now. Their dedication to constantly bringing in new ideas and helping us expand globally has truly been incredible. Alan and Jim are always working on ways to enter into new markets for BROC ON, and in a short amount of time, have expanded our connections to a level we never thought possible.

Jay Silvester Founder & Director, Broc On Australia Pty Ltd.

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Who we are

Alan Evans

Managing Partner

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Read Alan Evans's bio

Alan Evans's Bio

— Managing Partner

Traveller, entrepreneur and business professional. Alan is the founder of Merchant 138 and heads up the organisation in Adelaide, South Australia.

Alan’s decades of wide and varied experience bring decades of experience in consulting, import/export and balancing people with technology. As an Enterprise Architect he has worked at sites across the UK, USA, Europe and Australia in a variety of industries including Finance, Utilities, Government, Research, Education, Telecoms and Supply Chain Management.

Alan has acquired a broad range of technical and business skills in his career giving him an excellent foundation for developing and supporting business relationships. Business has taken him far away from both England and Australia, to many different countries and allowed him to indulge his sense of adventure and interest in other cultures.

Alan is outdoor enthusiast. When he lived in Salt Lake City, he was actively snowboarding, wake boarding and mountain biking. He was born in Sheffield, England, and remains true to his roots by coaching senior level football. Still actively playing football, but other pursuits include fitness and guitar.

Jim White

Managing Partner

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Read Jim White's bio

Jim White's Bio

— Managing Partner

Exuding proven business confidence, drive, credibility, and leadership, coupled with an MBA in Marketing; Jim brings a powerful blend of managerial and consultancy expertise to his role at Merchant 138.

From farming in the Australian Outback to working for and driving the strategic development of leading food companies around the world, including Simplot, Ebro Foods, McCormick, IFFCO and Monin, Jim has worked across all aspects of the food industry. His sense of adventure and love of food has taken him on a journey over the last 25 years, working in Indonesia, Canada, Azerbaijan, Italy, UK, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, and is now based in Bali, Indonesia.

As a strategic growth specialist, Jim has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of managing food manufacturing companies, importers and distributors, and clients in the retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors. Coupled together with his exposure to different cultures and passion for travel and golf, Jim brings his unique insights to business growth and life.